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August 1, 2017

One Frame: The First Look

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The first looks has become likely the most debated aspect of a wedding day. Photographers generally support the idea, while brides often hesitate, favoring that moment that every girl has dreamt of her entire life – seeing her groom’s face when she walks down the aisle. Personally, as a photographer, I will never try to sway a bride one way or the other. Sure, there are pros and cons of both. Yes, a first look generally makes for a smoother timeline. But, what about tradition?! I honestly get both sides, and often wonder what I will want to do someday.

Thus far in my experience, the overwhelming advantage to a first look is that it’s private. The fact is it’s a very emotional moment no matter where it takes place, and to be able to experience that moment together without hundreds of guests watching always seems to be more meaningful in my opinion. Not to mention the fact that the bride and groom actually get to embrace one another!

Below is one of the most beautiful first looks I have had the privilege of witnessing. Courtney warned me that Josh would likely cry, and boy was she right. He cried. He hugged her. He cried. He kissed her. He cried in her shoulder. And then I cried!!! It was moving.

I’ll never forget this sweet moment when Courtney and Josh saw each other for the first time of the day that they wed.
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