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January 12, 2016

One Year with Florida’s First Family

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Today marks one year that I have been photographing for Governor Rick Scott and First Lady Ann Scott. January 12, 2015, I walked into the FL Capitol completely ignorant of what my job would require or how my life would change. The past 365 days have been some of the most challenging yet rewarding. As I reflect over this year, I am increasingly grateful for the opportunities I have been given, the friends I have made, and the growth I have experienced.

In 2015, I have….

  • Traveled the state of Florida from top to bottom and back again
  • Ridden a coast guard cutter in Miami
  • Caught a lobster in Key West
  • Toured NASA with a real life astronaut
  • Driven approximately 43 rental cars
  • Fell in love with Cuban coffee
  • Slept more nights in a hotel bed than my own
  • Photographed the king of Spain (and batted my eyelashes at Spanish security agents)
  • Sat in on hurricane briefings
  • Forgotten almost every piece of important equipment I own
  • Stood on the sidelines of a Dolphins game
  • Ordered a soy latte from virtually every Starbucks in the state of Florida
  • Elbowed my way through crazy press gaggles
  • Made some lifelong friends

…..and had the time of my life. Below are some of my favorite images of 2015.

  • 1-6-2015_CA_INAUG-11-6-2015_CA_INAUG-27-22-2015_CA_JAX_GUARD-88-28-2015_MIA_EOC-13-21-2015_CA_TLH-203-09-2015_CA_TLH-2mansion_reception3-30-2015_CA_TLH-403-03-2015_CA_TLH-543-03-2015_CA_TLH-443-25-2015_CA_TLH-1agent_giddens6-9-2015_CA (1 of 2)1-15-2015_CA_BrooksvilleElementary-204-20-2015_CA_PC-573-19-2015_CA_PBG-338-19-2015_MIA_COAST_GUARD-311-13-2015_CA_ORL-14-23-2015_CA_FT_MYERS-746-8-2015-11-10-2015_CA_MIA-15-21-2015_CA_PERRY-315-21-2015_CA_TLH_EOC-348-03-2015_CA_ORL-218-03-2015_CA_ORL-5111-16-2015_CA_TLH-162-10-2015_TLH_RALLY-110-5-2015_CA_TLH-1524-01-2015_CA_TLH-20mansion_reception-211-15-2015_CA_GOV_CUP-8311-15-2015_CA_GOV_CUP-105IMG_05911-6-2015_CA_INAUG-33-10-2015_CA_TLH-1

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  1. Lucy says:

    This post is so cool! It almost gave me chills realizing how freakishly almost famous your life is. So proud of you! I can’t imagine another photographer ever being able to follow in your footsteps… these are beautiful images!

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